With an Atheros 5416 card from Adrian Chadd in my PowerBook G4, I get a
Data Storage Interrupt after a few minutes.  It's pretty reproducible:

 * load if_ath/if_ath_pci
 * ifconfig wlan0 create wlandev ath0
 * ifconfig wlan0 up
 * ifconfig wlan0 bgscan (fails with "Operation not supported")
 * ifconfig wlan0 list scan
 ... wait ...
 * ifconfig wland0 list scan (another just for good measure)
 ... wait ...

After a few minutes it kernel panics.

I've attached the dcons ddb session output.  Quick synopsis:  It
crashes in memcpy() crossing a page boundary.  Backtrace:

fatal kernel trap:

   exception       = 0x300 (data storage interrupt)
   virtual address = 0xd1b72000
   srr0            = 0x5d44b4
   srr1            = 0x9032
   lr              = 0xd1ab0fa4
   curthread       = 0x189fbc0
          pid = 0, comm = ath0 net80211 taskq

Tracing pid 0 tid 100075 td 0x189fbc0
0xe21139f4: at m_pkthdr_init+0x5c
0xe2113a14: at ieee80211_send_probereq+0x14c
0xe2113a74: at ieee80211_probe_curchan+0x11c
0xe2113aa4: at scan_curchan+0x7c
0xe2113ac4: at scan_task+0x29c
0xe2113b14: at taskqueue_run_locked+0xd4
0xe2113b44: at taskqueue_thread_loop+0x6c
0xe2113b64: at fork_exit+0x88
0xe2113b84: at fork_trampoline+0xc

The m_pkthdr_init in the backtrace is misleading, I think.

I can provide any more data that's needed.

- Justin

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