Please take a look at this:
This is a tcpdump output on wireless router.

f0:7d:68:af:0e:b6 - is my wireless router 1)
00:1f:3a:25:47:2e - is my wireless client 3)

First 2 packets from client (after powering up) contains something like 
"Receiver not Ready". Huh.. Also, packets from 1) to 3) never reaches 3). As 
you can see, 00:1f:3a:25:47:2e asking for DHCP (BOOTP/DHCP, Request packets) 
over and over again.

Same time, on client 3) tcpdump shows only request and no reply coming at all, 
except packets with ethertype EAPOL (0x888e) (auth?)

Any ideas?
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