> The first thing I'd do is start by verifying that the packet actually
> went out over the air.
I think they do. In both ways. I can see it on AP with tcpdump. Linux and 
WinXP installed on the same laptop working fine with same AP before and after 
changing wireless nic on AP.
> I'd also use athstats to see if your station is receiving the DHCP
> replies. The "Rx" counter should be going up each time the server
> sends the response.

Can't i see it with tcpdump? I'm starting tcpdump on AP and on client at the 
same time and run `dhclient wlan0` on client. On client i see outgoing DHCP 
request after association with AP. On AP i see incoming DHCP request from 
client! On AP i see outgoing DHCP reply to client! But i don't see incoming 
DHCP reply on clinet with tcpdump -y IEEE802_11_RADIO or with default media 

Thanks in advance, Adrian.
Really weird. All other devices working just fine.
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