During ApacheCon2012 The Network Event Kit has served 750+ devices,
assisted in making ApacheCon2012 a big success.

Our newly defined small cell approach designed by Marten Vijn
delivered a stable wireless network on both the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands.
Main focus was to  reduce the txpower to manageable levels, avoid
overlap and pro-actively design rules for congestion control on the
multiple OSI levels. This all is now implemented and has an proactive
monitoring visualization designed by Rick van der Zwet.

Having this amount of devices connected to the 20 access points is
causing a lot of local broadcast and multicast traffic filling up the network
stack. This was during the first day growing that in the end it was almost 
impossible for other traffic to find it's way to the internet. To stop this we 
setup some OpenBSD PF rules on each of the access points and not on 
the firewall.    

During the event we got new insights with regards of manageability of
ath(4) devices and their configuration, most worthy noticing are the
finding with regards to the diversity setup of the cards with a single
connected antenna in correlation with the 'stuck baecon; resetting'
errors. Thanks to athstats(8) and other useful debugging tools
provided by Sam Leffner in the FreeBSD source tree. In the next few
weeks we will validate this results and post our findings to the
various open source communities.

Our newly logistics and deployment approach by Ed Kikkert has tackled
successfully our issues with storage and distribution and greatly
increased our visibility. Main focus was better communication by using
peer-radio-devices and stricter task assignment causing more

A picture impression made by Roel Guldemond can be found at our new
Network Kit Website (under construction):

Screen dumps from the proactive monitoring visualization made by Rick van der 
Source code and NanoBSD configuration is found at:

All improvements will allows us to start powering 2000+ devices events
Gerard Mourits will be continue his efforts of finding new interesting
events for The Network Event Kit to power.

The organisation likes to thank NLNet, InfraData and other sponsors
for their continued support and the volunteers for their endeavoured
enthusiasm and enlightening week.

Best regards,
Ed Kikkert - Secratary of WifiSoft Foundation
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