Yes, I know and write this to maillist, but spamassassin not trust to
   me and my messages waits before moderator approve it :)

   And I answer, why when I'm kldload kernel module produced from windows
   driverfor my WiFi card, not any ndis0 interface appears and in
   /var/log/messages appears that info about Bison Cam.

   17.11.2012, 01:59, "" <>:

     Hi all,
     This seems to be your Acer USB Webcam.
     Regards, Michael!
     Gesendet mit meinem HTC

   ----- Reply message -----
   Von: "Гуляев Гоша" <[1]>
   An: <[2]>
   Betreff: Strange output from ndisgen'ed driver in 10-Current
   Datum: Fr., Nov. 16, 2012 7:36 PM

   Nov 17 00:32:12 MYBSD root: Unknown USB device: vendor 0x5986 product
   0x0315 bus uhub4

   С уважением, Гуляев Гоша.


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