On 17 November 2012 12:37, Dmitry Kolosov <o...@z-up.ru> wrote:
> Did not found any reasons. Moved to debian linux.

That's a shame, I'd like to try and trace this particular issue down.

I've added debugging to the ath driver in -HEAD that lets us record
the actual TX and RX descriptors from the driver, so we could actually
see if the driver was receiving anything at all. That would also help

In any case, if you're interested in helping out debug it further
please let me know. And as I'm always constantly busy, don't be afraid
to pester me on a daily basis until we figure it out. I have other 11n
testers who do that and we eventually solve all the bugs. :)

_OH_. Hey, since it may be broadcast traffic, I know I fixed a bug in
the multicast group encryption key handling. It made it into -9 and
-HEAD. I don't think it was backported to -8. The bug was introduced
when someone tweaked something for an older NIC but it broke multicast
group key handling for the AR5416 and later NICs. Maybe try -9? A live
CD will be enough.

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