> That's a shame, I'd like to try and trace this particular issue down.

> In any case, if you're interested in helping out debug it further
> please let me know. And as I'm always constantly busy, don't be afraid
> to pester me on a daily basis until we figure it out. I have other 11n
> testers who do that and we eventually solve all the bugs. :)
> _OH_. Hey, since it may be broadcast traffic, I know I fixed a bug in
> the multicast group encryption key handling. It made it into -9 and
> -HEAD. I don't think it was backported to -8. The bug was introduced
> when someone tweaked something for an older NIC but it broke multicast
> group key handling for the AR5416 and later NICs. Maybe try -9? A live
> CD will be enough.

Actually it is my wife's laptop and she need to work. Anyway, i have -9 based 
client and -9 based AP of my own, and of course, i am _interested_ in helping 
and debuging. I am very interested in wireless on FreeBSD, and waiting for full 
11n support on 9-Stable.
Now, i will boot this laptop with -9 livecd and report back. 
Adrian, thanks for your work.
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