On 17 November 2012 22:25, Dmitry Kolosov <o...@z-up.ru> wrote:

> Actually it is my wife's laptop and she need to work. Anyway, i have -9 based 
> client and -9 based AP of my own, and of course, i am _interested_ in helping 
> and debuging. I am very interested in wireless on FreeBSD, and waiting for 
> full 11n support on 9-Stable.
> Now, i will boot this laptop with -9 livecd and report back.
> Adrian, thanks for your work.

Thanks. Yes, please try a -9 snapshot and see if DHCP works from that laptop.

If it doesn't work then we'll have to go deeper digging into what's
going on. I can whack 9.0-RELEASE on a couple laptops here and see
what the state of the driver(s) are.

Also, did you say which NIC is in the 8-STABLE laptop (now debian?)
that isn't working?

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