On Tue, 2013-01-01 at 21:36 -0800, Frank Mayhar wrote:
> On Mon, 2012-12-31 at 23:49 -0800, Frank Mayhar wrote:
> > I'm trying to set up a new laptop, which has an Intel Centrino
> > Ultimate-N 6300 wireless card.  I was under the impression that the
> > 9-stable iwn driver fully supported this card but I've run into a
> > problem.  Specifically, I'm seeing this firmware crash:
> > 
> >         iwn0: iwn_intr: fatal firmware error
> For the record, this appears to be the problem referred to by
> "kern/163154: [iwn] fatal firmware error on 9.0-RC3."  Apparently this
> still happens in 9-stable, with the same symptoms, fails with 802.11a
> but not with 11g.

Oops, spoke too soon.  It fails the same way with 11g in my case.
Frank Mayhar
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