On 12 Jan 2013, at 01:00, Adrian Chadd wrote:

> Enable power state debugging in net80211 and see what's happening.
> You'll see it come in and out of power save, as well as it queuing up
> frames (and if the node power save queue overflows.)

Hi Adrian,

I've been away for the weekend and just got back home planning to try this out 
but the problem seems to have cleared itself up whilst I was out. I'm not sure 
how, or if it is likely to come back. I have just powered on the FreeBSD box 
after a few days switched off - but I had earlier rebooted it several times 
which didn't clear the problem so I'm not sure its that. I have tested from 
multiple clients.

I guess all I can do now is wait and see if the problem reoccurs and if so try 
and determine the triggering factor. Maybe a specific client being associated? 
I don't see anywhere near the number of power save on/off messages that I was 

Thanks for your help. I'll repost if I get a reproduction. If there is anything 
you would like me to try anyway to aid debugging I'm happy to do it.

Thanks again,

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