On Sun, 13 Jan 2013 11:25:37 -0800, Adrian Chadd wrote:

 > The problem here is I can't easily test this. We detach and re-attach
 > cardbus devices during suspend/resume, so although I have AR9220
 > mini-PCI NICs, they don't stay connected the normal way. The slot gets
 > fully powered down and reset upon power up.

Ah, of course, cardbus .. I was wondering what *CBS[01] in my dmesg were 
that indicated apparently not being able to go from D0 -> D2, though on 
resume they seemed to do D2 -> D0 ok (well, perhaps from D3 really?)

Um, are you saying that mini-PCI devices are treated as if cardbus?

My only wireless card is an old Cabletron RoamAbout 11b, pccard not 
cardbus, that used to work on (AFAIR) 4.8-REL but on 9.1-REL causes an 
interrupt storm on IRQ 11, throttled.  I'm uninterested in pursing it.

And I haven't managed to get a cardbus USB 2 card working properly 
either yet, to the extent that suspend/resume _sometimes_ but not 
with any apparent consistency panics, so I'm no help here.

cheers, Ian
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