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The following is a listing of current problems submitted by FreeBSD users.
These represent problem reports covering all versions including
experimental development code and obsolete releases.

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o kern/175446  wireless   [ath] high volumes of PHY errors lead to BB/MAC hangs 
o kern/175227  wireless   [ath] beacon timers aren't necessarily reprogrammed af
o kern/175183  wireless   [iwn] iwn(4) becomes unresponsive during initial confi
o kern/175053  wireless   [iwn] iwn firmware error on 9-stable with Ultimate-N 6
o kern/174891  wireless   [ieee80211] struct ieee80211_node is freed during acti
o kern/174722  wireless   [wlan] can't use channel 12 and 13 (14) with my wifi i
o kern/174661  wireless   [wlan] lost alias on wlan interface
o kern/174283  wireless   [net80211] panics in ieee80211_ff_age() and ieee80211_
o kern/174276  wireless   [ath] if_ath memory modified after free
o kern/174273  wireless   [net80211] taking down a net80211 node with active fas
o kern/173917  wireless   [iwn] wpa-supplicant issues on iwn
o kern/173883  wireless   [ath] ath0: unable to attach - pci issue?
o kern/173711  wireless   [ath] powerd kills ath on the Asus EeePC 1005HA
o kern/173342  wireless   PS-Poll isn't working
o kern/173336  wireless   [ath] Atheros card improper device poweroff handling o
o kern/172955  wireless   [ath] 11n does not work in adhoc mode
o kern/172706  wireless   [wpi] wpi0 fails to load firmware when using country
o kern/172672  wireless   [ubt] Bluetooth device recognised but not working
o kern/172661  wireless   hostapd(8) securing wireless adapter in HostAP mode is
o kern/172338  wireless   [ath] [net80211] CCMP IV transmit counters are not cor
o kern/171598  wireless   [ath] TP-Link TL-WN951N W-LAN PCI Adapter 300 MBit stu
o kern/171235  wireless   [ath] ath loses connection, system freezes on netif re
o kern/170904  wireless   [ath] ath driver: configure related parameters when ra
o kern/170889  wireless   [ath] ath driver uses some uninitilized memory
o kern/170620  wireless   [ath] LOR and deadlock when multiple vaps are used
o kern/170573  wireless   [iwi] Intel 2200BG iwi NIC hangs with need multicast c
o kern/170513  wireless   [ath] ath logs:  ath_tx_aggr_comp_aggr: AR5416 bug:
o kern/170433  wireless   [ath] TX hang after a stuck beacon message with active
o kern/170397  wireless   [ath] [patch] Uninitialized variables in ah_eeprom_928
o kern/170302  wireless   [ath] 802.11n frames are not being transmitted with mu
o kern/170281  wireless   [ath] 802.11n locks up on aggregation setup (ampdutx)
o kern/170098  wireless   [ath] [net80211] VAPs (Virtual access points) with Ath
o kern/170066  wireless   [ral] ral(4) rt61pci Linksys freezes the machine as so
o kern/169432  wireless   [ath] BAR TX hang when aggregation session is reset du
p kern/169362  wireless   [ath] AR5416: radar pulse PHY errors sometimes include
o kern/169336  wireless   [ath] ANI isn't triggering in a busy/noisy environment
o kern/169199  wireless   [ath] Cannot set up static ip addresses for wireless w
o kern/169084  wireless   [ath] suspend/resume doesn't cause a rescan; the assoc
o kern/168530  wireless   [ath] Broken WEP probably
o kern/168393  wireless   AR9285: suspend/resume sometimes fails
o kern/168170  wireless   [net80211] ieee80211_send_bar() doesn't complete corre
o kern/167870  wireless   [ath] adhoc wifi client does not join an existing IBSS
o kern/167834  wireless   [ath] kickpcu; 'handled 0 packets'
o kern/167828  wireless   [iwn] iwn(4) doesn't recover automatically after firmw
o kern/167798  wireless   ifconfig(8): problem with "ifconfig list scan" command
o kern/167491  wireless   [ath] TID != hardware queue TID in ath_tx_aggr_comp_ag
o kern/167113  wireless   [ath] AR5210: "stuck" TX seems to be occuring, without
o kern/167080  wireless   [ath] channel switch on another VAP break channel setu
o kern/166684  wireless   [ath] [net80211] mgmtrate/mcastrate isn't updated base
p kern/166642  wireless   [ieee80211] [patch] in 802.11n mode for FreeBSD AP, ha
o kern/166641  wireless   [ieee80211] [patch] mbuf/cluster leak in AP mode in 80
p kern/166357  wireless   [ath] 802.11n TX stall when the first frame in the BAW
o kern/166286  wireless   [net80211] [ath] initial switch to HT40 isn't causing 
p kern/166190  wireless   [ath] TX hangs and frames stuck in TX queue
o kern/166086  wireless   [Patch][ath] Reflect state of rfkill switch in a sysct
o kern/165969  wireless   [ath] Slower performance in adhoc mode vs Client/AP mo
o kern/165966  wireless   [ath] ath0: device timeout on SMP machines due to race
o kern/165895  wireless   [ath] overly busy cabq can tie up all tx buffers
o kern/165870  wireless   [bwn] bwn driver does not attach on HP Pavilion dv9420
o kern/165866  wireless   [ath] TX hangs, requiring a "scan" to properly reset t
o kern/165849  wireless   [ath] [hang] network ath driver freeze
o kern/165595  wireless   [ipw] ipw(4): Can't load firmare for ipw2200bg
o kern/165543  wireless   [ath] ath0 endless scanning of channels without connec
o kern/165517  wireless   [net80211] bgscan isn't triggered when invalid beacons
o kern/165475  wireless   [ath] operational mode change doesn't poke the underly
o kern/165382  wireless   [kernel] taskqueue_unblock doesn't unblock currently q
o kern/165306  wireless   [ath] race conditions between scanning and beacon time
o kern/165220  wireless   [ath] "ath_rx_tasklet: sc_inreset_cnt > 0; skipping" m
o kern/165214  wireless   [ieee80211] Kernel panic in ieee80211_output.c:2505
o kern/165212  wireless   [ath] No WiFi on Acer Aspire One 751h (Atheros AR5BHB6
o kern/165149  wireless   [ath] [net80211] Ping with data length more than iv_fr
o kern/165146  wireless   [net80211] Net802.11 Fragment number is assigned 1 (sh
o kern/165060  wireless   [ath] vap->iv_bss race conditions causing crashes insi
o kern/165021  wireless   [ath] ath device timeout during scan/attach, if wlan_c
o kern/164721  wireless   [ath] ath device timeouts
o kern/164499  wireless   [wi] [patch] if_wi needs fix for big endian architectu
o kern/164382  wireless   [ath] crash when down/deleting a vap - inside ieee8021
o kern/164365  wireless   [iwi] iwi0: <Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2200BG> UP/DOWN in 
o bin/164102   wireless   hostapd not configured for 802.11n
o kern/163759  wireless   [ath] ath(4) "stops working" in hostap mode
o kern/163724  wireless   [mwl] [patch] NULL check before dereference
o kern/163719  wireless   [ath] ath interface do not receive multicast
o kern/163689  wireless   [ath] TX timeouts when sending probe/mgmt frames durin
o kern/163574  wireless   [net80211] overly-frequent HT occupancy changes
o kern/163573  wireless   [ath] hostap mode TX buffer hang
o kern/163559  wireless   [ath] kernel panic AH_DEBUG
o kern/163318  wireless   [ath] ath(4) stops working
p kern/163312  wireless   [panic] [ath driver] kernel panic: page fault with ath
o kern/163237  wireless   [ath] AR5416 as HostAP. Delays among clients when a cl
o kern/163082  wireless   [ath] ar9285 diversity fixes
o kern/162648  wireless   [ath] AR9227 ADC DC calibration failure
o kern/162647  wireless   [ath] 11n TX aggregation session / TX hang
o kern/161293  wireless   [iwn] hang at startup when starting network
o kern/161035  wireless   [ieee80211] Incorrect number describing 11ng MCS rate 
o kern/160391  wireless   [ieee80211] [patch] Panic in mesh mode
o kern/160296  wireless   [zyd] [panic] 802.11 usb device reboots system on 'ifc
o misc/160176  wireless   [mips] [panic] Kernel panic on AR7161 platform with AR
o kern/157449  wireless   [ath] MAC address conflict causes system to freeze
o kern/157243  wireless   [ath] investigate beacon TX (AP) / RX (STA) when under
o kern/156904  wireless   [ath] AR9285 antenna diversity algorithm is buggy and 
o kern/156884  wireless   [ath] ath instablity
o kern/156327  wireless   [bwn] bwn driver causes 20%-50% packet loss
o kern/156322  wireless   [wpi] no ahdemo support for if_wpi
o kern/156321  wireless   [ath] ahdemo doesn't work with if_ath
o kern/155498  wireless   [ral] ral(4) needs to be resynced with OpenBSD's to ga
o kern/155100  wireless   [ath] ath driver on busy channel: "stuck beacon"
p kern/154598  wireless   [ath] Atheros 5424/2424 can't connect to WPA network
o kern/154567  wireless   [ath] ath(4) lot of bad series(0)
o kern/154327  wireless   [ath] AR5416 in station mode hangs when transmitting f
o kern/154284  wireless   [ath] Modern ath wifi cards (such as AR9285) have miss
o kern/154153  wireless   [ath] AR5213 + MIPS + WPA group key packet corruption
o kern/153594  wireless   [wlan] netif/devd race
o kern/153448  wireless   [ath] ath networking device loses association after a 
o kern/152750  wireless   [ath] ath0 lot of bad series hwrate
o kern/151198  wireless   [ath] ath/5416 fails bgscan with "ath0: ath_chan_set: 
o kern/149786  wireless   [bwn] bwn on Dell Inspiron 1150: connections stall
o kern/149516  wireless   [ath] ath(4) hostap with fake MAC/BSSID results in sta
o kern/149373  wireless   [realtek/atheros]: None of my network card working
o kern/148322  wireless   [ath] Triggering atheros wifi beacon misses in hostap 
o kern/148317  wireless   [ath] FreeBSD 7.x hostap memory leak in net80211 or At
o kern/148078  wireless   [ath] wireless networking stops functioning
o kern/146426  wireless   [mwl] 802.11n rates not possible on mwl
o kern/146425  wireless   [mwl] mwl dropping all packets during and after high u
o kern/145826  wireless   [panic] [ath] Unable to configure adhoc mode on ath0/w
o kern/144987  wireless   [wpi] [panic] injecting packets with wlaninject using 
o kern/144755  wireless   [wlan] netif/devd race
o bin/144109   wireless   hostapd(8) uses the MAC of the wireless interface, but
o conf/143079  wireless   hostapd(8) startup missing multi wlan functionality
p kern/140567  wireless   [ath] [patch] ath is not worked on my notebook PC
o kern/140245  wireless   [ath] [panic] Kernel panic during network activity on 
o kern/137592  wireless   [ath] panic - 7-STABLE (Aug 7, 2009 UTC) crashes on ne
p bin/137484   wireless   [patch] Integer overflow in wpa_supplicant(8) base64 e
o kern/136943  wireless   [wpi] [lor] wpi0_com_lock / wpi0
o kern/136836  wireless   [ath] atheros card stops functioning after about 12 ho
o kern/132722  wireless   [ath] Wifi ath0 associates fine with AP, but DHCP or I
o bin/131549   wireless   ifconfig(8) can't clear 'monitor' mode on the wireless
o kern/126475  wireless   [ath] [panic] ath pcmcia card inevitably panics under 
o kern/125721  wireless   [ath] Terrible throughput/high ping latency with Ubiqu
o kern/125617  wireless   [ath] [panic] ath(4) related panic
o kern/125501  wireless   [ath] atheros cardbus driver hangs
o kern/125332  wireless   [ath] [panic] crash under any non-tiny networking unde
o kern/124767  wireless   [iwi] Wireless connection using iwi0 driver (Intel 220
o kern/124753  wireless   [ieee80211] net80211 discards power-save queue packets
o kern/121061  wireless   [ath] [panic] panic while ejecting ath(4)-adapter duri
o docs/120456  wireless   ath(4) needs to specify requirement on wlan_scan_sta
o kern/119513  wireless   [ath] [irq] inserting dlink dwl-g630 wireless card res
o kern/116747  wireless   [ndis] FreeBSD 7.0-CURRENT crash with Dell TrueMobile 
f kern/105348  wireless   [ath] ath device stopps TX

148 problems total.

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