On 02/08/13 14:52, Adrian Chadd wrote:
> Hi,
> The problem is that no-one's really championing / maintaining the
> FreeBSD in-tree support for the rt chips.
> ray@ and bschmidt@ did a bunch of work to port over some more driver
> support, but they're both busy on other things now.
> A few devices in FreeBSD sorely need maintainers to actively develop
> and maintain their driver - if_ral is one of them.
> Thanks; I wish I could be more help.
I do remember when we were testing the other version of this driver,
someone with an rt3070 having issues that were quite similar.
It may have been Sevan, where the card came up but scans returned no

What rt3060s/3070s have worked? I have only tested with a rt3090.

I believe on Linux that Ralink provides a different set of code to
support rt2870/rt3060/rt3070 than rt2860/rt3090.

It would be interesting to hear if anyone has rt3060/rt3070 working.


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