Ah, damn. Sorry. I was thinking about the node versus vap
configuration and got confused.

IBSS is the same as the APmode of operation - you advertise what
you're capable of and sending stations just calculate the
MIN(ampdusize) and MAX(ampdudensity) when sending to you. Exactly the
same needs to be done for AP mode.

STA mode should do the same too - it just happens there's only one
node (the AP.)

We have the same issue with 2040, shortgi, stbc, ldpc - ni_htparams
includes what the peer node has, not necessarily what you've
negotiated. So in the ath(4) driver I needed to look at both what _my_
capabilities are _and_ the remote capabilities before I decide whether
to use 40mhz, shortgi, etc.

It'd be shinier if there were some net80211 functions that did this for me.

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