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> Hello, Adrian.
> You wrote 28 февраля 2013 г., 14:04:41:
> AC> not yet, sorry.
>  Is it limitation of FreeBSD's drivers or "universal" one? Friend of
> my have some ideas about such gateway, but he could use Linux-based
> "firmaware" (OpenWRT-based, really) as well. Do you know if Linux
> supports such mode?

You can hack around it to make it work, but the basic problem is the
Atheros MAC only supports one mode at a time - AP or STA or IBSS.

When doing mesh you want to synchonise TSF different to when you're in STA mode.

The Linux guys have ath9k doing AP+mesh and STA+mesh, for various
values of "works". I haven't personally tried it but I've heard
reports that it does work. Again, for various values of "work". :-)

You could give it a try and spend the extra time making all of the
802.11s quirks work; then figure out what other quirky behaviour
happens when you're also in AP or STA mode. I don't have the time to
sit down and solve whatever issues do creep up when doing mesh + other
VAPs, sorry.

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