I finally got the legal all-clear to push this open source version of
the QCA mainline HAL into open source.

So, without further ado:


The open HAL is there.

I then forked it:


.. and then I created a branch, called local/freebsd, which has the
FreeBSD specific changes needed to make this thing work.

Now, I'm going to prefix this by saying:

"This stuff can break your hardware. Only run it if you're willing to
debug and diagnose issues. Yes, this means you. I don't take any
responsibility for your equipment or whether this breaks the RF around
you. Don't be a dick. It's your responsibility."

What's tested:

* legacy, 1x1 and 2x2 HT20/HT40, STA mode
* AR9380 (1x1, 2x2 - 2/5ghz)
* AR9485 (1x1, 2ghz only)

What's not tested:

* Any hostap, mesh, tdma, adhoc modes
* _ANY_ 3x3 operation
* .. pretty much everything.
* ar9390/ar9590/ar9462 - but they _SHOULD_ work!

There's a lot missing. There's no MSI support just yet. There's no
optimal TX or RX path just yet. There's likely all kinds of weird
behaviour in AP mode. Heck, STA mode is likely full of hilarity. ANI
is full of hacks just so I don't have to finish writing it up. The
statistics counters are likely somewhat whacked, as I've stubbed some
of those functions out too. There's no PAPRD calibration, so you won't
get full TX power at the higher TX rates. Heck, the TX power may even
be totally garbage; I haven't yet sat down and written an EVM test
suite to check that everything is fine.

So if you want to test it - please note that I'm not going to be able
to help you figure out what is or isn't working. I'm still busy fixing
up other issues on previous NICs. But the code is here; I'll take
debugging, diagnostics and diffs. :-)

So, the 30 second version:

* Clone this: https://github.com/erikarn/qcamain_open_hal_public
* switch to the local/freebsd branch
* Do this in your -HEAD checkout:
   $ cd sys/dev/ath/ath_hal/ar9003/
   $ ln -s /path/to/git/qcamain_open_hal_public/hal/ar9300/* .
* Edit the ath makefile - sys/modules/ath/Makefile - and remove the
comments in front of the AR9300 .PATH and SRCS lines
* Rebuild your kernel/modules

I'm not going to whack this into -HEAD until I've finished off some
other stuff. But it's there, and it's public.

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