Yes, you need to do this:

Git clone ...
Cd openhal...
Git checkout local/freebsd

It'll create the branch based off of my branch in git.

Then do the ln -s ing.. Then build.


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On Mar 10, 2013 5:07 PM, Rui Paulo <> wrote: 

On 2013/03/10, at 16:35, Joshua Isom <> wrote:

> It's my first time using git, so there's a learning curve.  I'm building 
on 9-STABLE, but because of yacc I am doing a buildworld first.  First it fails 
with ichan not being used in ar9300_radio.c.  I commented it out, rebuilt, and 
then it fails with the errors listed below.  I was using -j, but the error 
messages look readable enough.  Any clue to get it to compile?

Did you 'git checkout <branch-name>' ?



Rui Paulo

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