Still no luck, and some errors look like I'm missing more.

/root/ATH/head/sys/modules/ath/../../dev/ath/ath_hal/ar9003/ar9300_misc.c:853:38: error: use of logical '&&' with constant operand [-Werror,-Wconstant-logical-operand]
        if ((ahp->ah_enterprise_mode && AR_ENT_OTP_MIN_PKT_SIZE_DISABLE) &&
                                     ^  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

AR_ENT_OTP_MIN_PKT_SIZE_DISABLE is defined in ar9300reg.h and hardcoded.

At least you figured out an easy way to genuine check to see if someone tried your code.

On 3/11/2013 6:41 PM, Adrian Chadd wrote:
Ooh.. add the debug options to your kernel, sorry!

options ATH_DEBUG
options AH_DEBUG

I'm sorry, I've never tested it outside of a debug build before.


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