On 3/14/2013 9:20 PM, Adrian Chadd wrote:


Silly me, I was reading the wrong number on my phone.

Yes, 0x0030 is Osprey (AR9380.)

kldload if_ath_pci too. :-)


Something weird happened. My config has ath_pci listed, but then I get this.

[jri:~] root# kldload if_ath_pci
kldload: can't load if_ath_pci: Exec format error
[jri:~] root# file /boot/kernel/if_ath_pci.ko
/boot/kernel/if_ath_pci.ko: ELF 64-bit LSB relocatable, x86-64, version 1 
(FreeBSD), not stripped

Other modules like ath return the standard "already loaded" message.
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