On 3/17/2013 9:43 AM, Li-Wen Hsu wrote:

Oops, accidentally clicked on "send."  Before the changes you made yesterday,
I can only see it got found by kernel, but was unable to get IP
through DHCP, and
the status of wlan0 was flipping between associated and no carrier, while ath0
is always associated.  Don't know if this has something to do with
that I'm using WPA2.
Thanks making this work, even I haven't posted my report. :)

I am using clang from head, and this patch is needed:

Are you checking your signal strength. I had a lot of problems when I moved the computer across the house. When I could connect, I'd get at least 20% of packets dropped and anything that needed udp was useless. I'm going to build a directional antenna, but just added an extension to one antenna and repositioning it gave me about 5dB improvement, which would be around three times the signal strength.
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