I've had a few people ask why AR9380 hostap mode isn't working yet and
when I expect to have that working.

Firstly - it's because I have a day job, and that day job isn't FreeBSD. Honest.

But all jokes aside, the last main thing to deal with at the moment is
tidying up the TX path - specifically how the CABQ traffic is
assembled. Right now any traffic that gets shoved in the CABQ confuses
my TX FIFO hack to bring up unicast / station mode traffic, and this
will eventually hang the driver.

I'm designing some replacement TX code which will "fix" all of this
but it's going to take time.

So, as usual, it'll happen but it'll take time.

It's not all bad news - I know that basic hostap services work, right
up to 3x3 MCS23. So the basics are there and working fine. It's just
the CABQ handling that is finally forcing me to do a redesign of that
part of the codebase.

I'll let everyone know when I have pushed some code into -HEAD for
further testing.


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