On 4 April 2013 21:44, Adrian Chadd <adr...@freebsd.org> wrote:

> ar9300 support:
> * updated to the latest internal HAL;
> * added ar9300 tx power configuration support, so you can configure
> lower tx power if you'd like.

I've added in the bluetooth coexistence code, the bluetooth MCI
coexistence code and removed the SoC (ie, embedded inside SoCs, rather
than standalone NIC) support. When it's time to build wifi for AR933x,
AR934x, AR955x, I'll re-enable it for those builds.

Now, if you have an AR9485 or AR946x, please test this latest driver.
I haven't _enabled_ the bluetooth coexistence code so bluetooth either
will run badly, or it won't run at all (on AR9462 and later.) But it
shouldn't have broken anything.


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