First of all - I should say BIG thanks to all developers of FreeBSD
which worked hard on implementation of 802.11n stack, and especially
the "IronMan" Adrian Chadd, which did so much great work on Atheros
support in FreeBSD. When I read March digest of -wireless, I saw
message from Adrian Chadd about adding experimental support of AR9830.
Immediately I've decided to try it, so I bought two AR9380 pci-E NICs
and assembled test box to replace my home router with it. So, in some
hours -HEAD were installed, git repository with HAL cloned, everything
patched and installed. I was impressed, that hostAP mode is worked
from first try. Although, there is currently some issues, like low TX
power, stability problems (I wasn't able to get more than ~36hours of
uptime still), the -HEAD with mpd5 ->l2tp tunnel and experimental
AR9380 support could really serve as home router. My configuration
consists of two cards in same box to provide coverage for 2.4 and 5Ghz
bands simultaneously in hostAP mode. I'm checking functionality with
very different clients, starting from 802.11b old Nokia phone and
ending with latest Intel 3T3R MIMO cards. I'll get into more detail in
next mails.

With best regards from Russia, Mike
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