Now that the missing piece of support is almost done (hostap mode
powersave/pspoll support) I'm going to move onto the next thing -
doing automated FreeBSD builds for people to run on AP equipment.

What I have that is publicly available:

* Ubiquiti Routerstation
* Ubiquiti Routerstation Pro
* D-Link DIR-825
* TP-Link TL-WR1043nd

.. and lots of Atheros reference designs that are almost-but-not-quite
what people actually ship. :-)

I've had plenty of people ask me if I can supply builds for their
various wifi APs so they don't have to build the software themselves.

So here's my offer - if you'd like me to add to the above list of
hardware that I'll do automatic builds for, I'll need some hardware.
If you send me a supported AP, I'll snaffle the relevant bits from
linux/openwrt/atheros and stick it into my build list.

The 'supported hardware" list:

* .. openwrt runs on it. :-)
* anything with an Atheros MIPS24k core - AR71xx, AR913x, AR724x, AR933x
* Atheros 802.11n wifi
* At least 32MB RAM
* At least 8MB of flash

The last two are annoying - yes, we could fit inside 16MB RAM and 4MB
flash, but we need a lot more work done on the FreeBSD side. So I'm
setting the minimum bar there.

If you don't know what hardware is in the unit - take a look at the
openwrt wiki.

I'm just wrapping up some automated build scripts now and I expect to
start building test images in the next week or so.


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