Hello, Adrian.
You wrote 26 апреля 2013 г., 4:11:44:

AC> Ok. Next time it happens, force a stuck beacon:
AC> sysctl dev.ath.X.forcebstuck=1
AC> That will cause the right kind of reset in order to log the frames in
AC> the TX queue.
AC> Make sure you have the right debug mask though!
 Without reboot (iface dow/up) it showed very low speed (~30Mbit UDP)
 with clear environment (RSSI 28, RATE 270M according to list sta).
 After router reboot it is 140-160Mbit/s UDP (2x2 MIMO, HT40 channel),
 but with drops to 20-50M for 1-2 seconds.

 But I cannot repeat previous hang in this "clean" conditions :)

 It looks like I need wait night :)

// Black Lion AKA Lev Serebryakov <l...@freebsd.org>

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