On 04/30/13 08:31, Adrian Chadd wrote:
> Hi,
> I've no idea, unfortunately. You'd have to start adding kernel printfs
> in the driver to see when the driver locks up. I can't be much more
> help than that at the moment, sorry :(
> Adrian
I'm not sure that chip is supported, at least it's news to me...the
forum link seems to refer to inserting the pci ids for that chip into
the ral driver.

I can definitely see how forcing ral to attach to an unsupported device
might hang or crash.

I think this chip may be similiar to rt2860/rt3060/rt3090, as it looks
like it uses the rt2800 driver in Linux. It also looks like they have
only recently added support on the Linux side...and it's not that stable.

I would look at the sources for any driver that does support this and
see if they are having to do special conditionals to handle something
specific with this chip, especially with register addresses or chip
setup. It might be a good starting point for figuring out why ours
doesn't work. My guess would be that invalid data is coming back from
the eeprom (since addresses may have changed) and causing havoc. Is the
MAC address correct?

For what it's worth, the FreeBSD ral seems to be picky about
devices...there are a lot of ral variants, but I think only those listed
in the manpage are known to work. Adding more is going to be with a lot
of printfs and testing, unfortunately.

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