Would those using atheros NICs on -HEAD please update and give it a
good thrashing?

I've fixed a couple of things:

* The driver was not able to transmit EAPOL frames if the send queue
ran out of space. This is why my UDP TX tests were failing - the group
rekey would kick in, fail to transmit the EAPOL "Yes I've done that"
ack frame back to the AP and the AP would kick the station off.
* I've modified the transmit path to always keep a link pointer around
rather than NULL'ing it out and reinitialising TX DMA every time. This
is the "blessed" way to handle DMA. However, I'm still trying to
verify that I've actually done this correctly in all ways so I'd
really like this tested.

I'd like to start merging in my power save and reassociation fixes
from my test branch but to do that I'd really like to have this code
fully tested.


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