In my recent ibss 11n work I made it automagically promote the channel
selection to an 11n channel. For non-11n IBSS nodes that's ok - they
won't negotiate 11n and they'll transmit at legacy rates.

However, this broke TDMA. TDMA came up fine (AR5416<->AR9280) but
traffic suffered. It's because I don't have MCS or A-MPDU support in
the tree for this.

Luckily it's easy to fix - when you create the TDMA master/slave
interface, just disable 11n (add -ht to the create line.)

Sam took a shortcut when he wrote the TDMA code - the whole "last_rs"
thing needs to die in a fire - ie, we should just tag mbufs with the
relevant receive information so we can extract it in the mgmt and TDMA
slot update code. But that's going to take a bit more time to figure


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