I tried to fight this patch

root@FreeBSD:~ # ifconfig wlan0 up
run0: firmware RT2870 ver. 0.236 loaded
root@FreeBSD:~ # Fatal kernel mode data abort: 'Alignment Fault 1'
trapframe: 0xde9e4d5c
FSR=00000801, FAR=c282ffbb, spsr=00000013
r0 =c2831000, r1 =c282ffbb, r2 =c2831210, r3 =0000096c
r4 =c2831024, r5 =c2831000, r6 =c05d9362, r7 =c2829800
r8 =00000014, r9 =c08144d8, r10=80006d5d, r11=de9e4e10
r12=0000002e, ssp=de9e4da8, slr=00000000, pc =c045c524

[ thread pid 0 tid 100053 ]
Stopped at      ieee80211_radiotap_chan_change+0x90:    strh    r3, [r1]

And crashes
FreeBSD 10.0-CURRENT (BBB) #2 r253557M: Tue Jul 23 21:26:40 CST 2013
(Beagleboard Black)

By: XiaoQI Ge; PGP:8B09D5F7
WWW: https://www.7axu.com/

2013/7/15 Hans Petter Selasky <hans.petter.sela...@bitfrost.no>:
> Hi,
> Can you try the attached patch?
> --HPS
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