I've just committed a bit of a refactor of the mesh and non-mesh
transmit path to -HEAD.

This unifies a large part of the transmit code into a single path
which handles power save and 11n aggregation preparation.

Next is the TX stuff that Monthadar and I have talked about a bit. We
need to figure out a clean way to reinject these mesh frames into the
TX path for general processing.

I'd appreciate it if it could get some further (non-11n!) mesh
testing. I'll do some more minimal testing to ensure that I haven't
done anything daft and broken things but I won't be able to do that
for another week or so. So if you have an 11s setup or can set one up
quickly, I'd really appreciate it.

I'm going to start sketching out the upcoming A-MSDU support and
per-node software queues in net80211 as a precursor for pushing
aggregation, powersave and general queue management into net80211
rather than requiring driver hacks. Right now the power save stuff is
just not good enough for 11n, 11s, TDMA , P2P/TDLS and other kinds of
newer technologies.


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