* net80211 now uses if_transmit instead of if_start for transmit. Lev
has reported issues in hostap mode since this commit; I'll figure this
out with him
* I've been merging in some changes from Cedric for iwn(4). Nothing
(yet) has broken the 5100 and 4965 NICs that I have here. I'm going to
test some 6000 series NICs soon to see if things got better/worse.
* I've updated the iwn(4) firmware - the 6000 firmware was updated,
there's now firmware for the 2000 series NICs.

Cedric - would you please update your git repository and post an
updated diff to -wireless?

I'm seeing some odd TX behaviour with 5100 (still) - and the 4965 is
still unstable. I'll go add some further debugging soon to iwn(4) to
figure out what's going on. There's likely some TX aggregation bugs
that need fixing. Sigh.

I'd very much like to get some further testing done. Would everyone
using iwn(4) hardware (and it somewhat works) please update to the
latest -HEAD and try it out? I'd really like to shake out any further


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