On Aug 27, 2013, at 18:43 , George Neville-Neil <g...@neville-neil.com> wrote:

> OK, I left work's network to try this out in a Starbucks which has
> open WiFi and then authenticates with the web.  It is working from
> here.  I'll try it next on a network that has WPA-PSK again.  It might
> just be that my MAC was not registered on the work network.
> Cedric, if you can update your code and also include the proper module
> for iwnfw2000 that would be good.  I can add the module to the tree if
> others want, but I'm not committing any code as Adrian is working with
> you on that.

Looks like it was MAC filtering that was the problem earlier.  This is now 
on a WPA-PSK network.


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