Looks like something that my workplace is doing on their 802.11n network
is not compatible with iwn(4)'s N support.  I disabled it alltogether on
my Lenovo T520 6205 via:

Index: if_iwn.c
--- if_iwn.c    (revision 255602)
+++ if_iwn.c    (working copy)
@@ -1736,8 +1736,10 @@
        iwn_read_prom_data(sc, IWN_EEPROM_SKU_CAP, &val, 2);
        DPRINTF(sc, IWN_DEBUG_RESET, "SKU capabilities=0x%04x\n", le16toh(val));
        /* Check if HT support is bonded out. */
+#if 0
        if (val & htole16(IWN_EEPROM_SKU_CAP_11N))
                sc->sc_flags |= IWN_FLAG_HAS_11N;
        iwn_read_prom_data(sc, IWN_EEPROM_RFCFG, &val, 2);
        sc->rfcfg = le16toh(val);

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