Here's an initial hacked up patch to get the AR9344 to mountroot> .

(Which isn't true - it panics due to missing PHY setup on if_arge; I'll fix
that up soon.)


The specific changes:

* mips32r2 CPUs require an EHB as a hazard for things, rather than NOPs
* mips74k cores have a different CCA (cache coherency attributes) than the
default - I lifted this from the netbsd mips support.

now, the ar71xx CPUs are all currently marked as CPU_MIPS4KC. I'll follow
this up with a commit to change that. There may be things we can optimise
in the CPU_MIPS24KC case.

Warner and I have started talking about how to properly fix all of the
hazard handling. We'll discuss that later.

I'd like to commit this to -HEAD so people wishing to hack on mips74k
platforms can do stuff. Does anyone have any issues with the above?


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