What do you mean like "connection percentage" ?

Do you mean like signal strength? If so, then yes.

You can then make some basic heuristic guesses mapping signal level / RSSI
to a connection percentage based on some assumptions. For example, you
could look at the minimum RSSI required to guarantee some decent stability
at each receive/transmit rate (from 1mbit->54mbit, then MCS1->MCS23) and
then use that to map out connection percentage (where stable at MCS0 /
1mbit would be lowest, and stable at MCS7/54mbit would be 100%.)



On 13 October 2013 16:08, Eric Tugeon <ericturgeon....@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I work on a Python GTK network manager for FreeBSD/GhostBSD, it will look
> similar to 
> https://projects.gnome.org/**NetworkManager/<https://projects.gnome.org/NetworkManager/>.
> I want to know if we have wireless API like connection percentage?
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