On 01:51 19-Oct 2013 Adrian Chadd wrote:
> bwn(4) requires a lot more than just an additional PCI ID.
> The driver is somewhat architected for all the different RF and PHY modules
> that plug into the internal bus (the whole SIBA thing) but it does sorely
> need updating.

In brcsmac (driver that supports 4313 and whole bunch of new chips) they
have replaced SIBA with AMBA-like bus[1]. Although, README says, that
they don't use anything AMBA-specific. Probably SIBA can be hacked up at
least for PCI case.

Actually, I've started playing with Linux version of the driver[2], it's
opensource and dual-licensed, but code seem to me very tangled. (Code of
the bus part is GPL-only)

Can you recommend any papers about wireless drivers in general?
Particularly, I'm interested in working with PHY/ratetables.

[1] https://github.com/torvalds/linux/blob/master/drivers/bcma/README
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