Hello Matthias, 

Le 2013-10-25 14:06, Matthias Petermann a écrit :

> Hi Cedric,
> Am 13.09.2013 11:34, schrieb Cedric GROSS:
>> Not
against 10-current. But if you wish, you could test with my version on
github https://github.com/KreizIT/FreeBSD-IWN [1] Use LKGV branch,
should be running with 10-current. Cedric
> finally I had a chance to
test the driver. I installed a fresh 9.2 
> relase and placed the files
from https://github.com/KreizIT/FreeBSD-IWN [1] 
> into my /usr/src/sys
and tried to make sys/modules/iwn (cd 
> Unfortunality it doesn't build,
instead giving this message:
/usr/src/sys/modules/iwn/../../dev/iwn/if_iwn.c:2254: warning: implicit

> declaration of function 'ieee80211_legacy_rate_lookup'
> [...]
> The
closest issue seems to be "struct ieee80211_tx_ampdu' has no member 
named 'txa_tid' but I cannot see what's wrong with it.
> As I get the
similiar error when trying to build 
https://github.com/KreizIT/freebsd-iwl [2] - is there anything wrong
with my 
> build process?
> Kind regards,
> Matthias

You must get
and build net80211 from -HEAD also. It's why you have this kind of
compile error. 


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