from Warren Block:

> It depends on what you are trying to accomplish.  Most of the time,
the FreeBSD system is just a client trying to connect to the access
point. This article shows how to set that up both in /etc/rc.conf and
manually with commands:

Thanks for helpful link.  I don't think I can try it now.

Now I can't get Internet access through the wireless router, even though the 
computer sees it.

I now have a TPLink wireless router on order, scheduled to be delivered today.

I get Internet access by directly connecting the Ethernet cable from computer 
to cable modem, but this is only good for one computer at a time.

I was unable to connect with USB wireless adapter Hiro H50191, driver rsu, 
though FreeBSD recognized this adapter.

I couldn't find any networks by scanning.  Maybe that could be related to 
wireless router gradually failing?

I did read the FreeBSD Handbook chapter on wireless networking, and 
subsequently googled for info on wi-fi setup in Linux.


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