On Mon, 18 Nov 2013, Thomas Mueller wrote:

from Warren Block:

It depends on what you are trying to accomplish.  Most of the time,
the FreeBSD system is just a client trying to connect to the access
point. This article shows how to set that up both in /etc/rc.conf and
manually with commands:

Thanks for helpful link.  I don't think I can try it now.

Now I can't get Internet access through the wireless router, even though the 
computer sees it.

I now have a TPLink wireless router on order, scheduled to be delivered today.

I get Internet access by directly connecting the Ethernet cable from computer 
to cable modem, but this is only good for one computer at a time.

I was unable to connect with USB wireless adapter Hiro H50191, driver rsu, 
though FreeBSD recognized this adapter.

I couldn't find any networks by scanning.  Maybe that could be related to 
wireless router gradually failing?

That can happen. Sometimes, it's the cheap wall-wart AC adapter that fails. Sometimes the capacitors inside the router itself go bad.

If you have moved equipment around, make certain the AC adapter plugged into the router is actually the right one for it. I once spent a couple of days "de-bricking" a Linksys that just would not work. It had a Linksys 9V AC adapter... that was actually from another Linksys unit. With a 12V adapter, it was fine.
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