from Warren Block and my previous message:

> > I now have a TPLink wireless router on order, scheduled to be delivered 
> > today.

> > I get Internet access by directly connecting the Ethernet cable from 
> > computer to cable modem, but this is only good for one computer at a time.

> > I was unable to connect with USB wireless adapter Hiro H50191, driver rsu, 
> > though FreeBSD recognized this adapter.

> > I couldn't find any networks by scanning.  Maybe that could be related to 
> > wireless router gradually failing?
> That can happen.  Sometimes, it's the cheap wall-wart AC adapter that
> fails.  Sometimes the capacitors inside the router itself go bad.

> If you have moved equipment around, make certain the AC adapter
> plugged into the router is actually the right one for it.  I once
> spent a couple of days "de-bricking" a Linksys that just would not
> work.  It had a Linksys 9V AC adapter... that was actually from
> another Linksys unit. With a 12V adapter, it was fine.

I guess you had a power shortage before you used the 12V adapter.

I would use the adapter that comes with the router package.

I don't really want to try the wireless with a faulty router, might fail to 
work when it would work with a good router.

Now the new TP-Link router has arrived, but I just opened the package.


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