from Adrian Chadd:

> hi all,

> I'd like a developer or two to organise the MFC of anything that's in
> net80211 on -HEAD back to -10 before 10.0-REL.
> There's a few critical fixes that need to go in but I just don't have
> the time to do it myself. :(

> Thanks!

There are a couple things I could work on, if I knew where to start,
one wireless (for AR9271) and wired (re or if_re on some newer
motherboards including MSI Z77 MPOWER).

Same FreeBSD re bug with this motherboard occurs in DragonFlyBSD 3.6.0,
I downloaded images and wrote to USB sticks.

I don't really want to work with DragonFlyBSD, since it can't access anything
on my hard drive.

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