Unfortunately our WPA supplicant isn't doing pre auth or implementing the
roaming logic fully. It would be nice for someone to fill in that gap.

On Dec 9, 2013 2:00 PM, "R. Tyler Croy" <ty...@monkeypox.org> wrote:

> I've been experimenting today with using my iwn(4) (PRO/Wireless 5100 AGN
> [Shiloh]) based wireless card, moving around the office.
> Overall we probably have 30 APs floating around, all broadcasting the same
> essid, which uses WPA2 with TKIP/PEAP. I find that my wlan0 device falls
> into a
> "no-carrier" status when I move too far away from the AP I origianlly
> connected
> too.
> I'm wondering if there's something specific with wpa_supplicant that needs
> to
> be done to maintain connections, or if the wireless driver itself is not
> properly identifying duplicate AP names and switching when I move around.
> Any suggestions for improving my in-office wireless experience?
> Cheers
> - R. Tyler Croy
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