Per Adrian's request - our IRC conversation:

<eadler> adrian_: I just had iwn randomly disconnect on me.   I
restarted wpa_supplicant and it blacklisted every network it knew
about - including the one it was just connected too.  When I did
'kldunload if_iwn && kldload iwn' it worked again
<eadler> also
<eadler> load: 0.08  cmd: ping 60362 [select] 151.25r 0.00u 0.01s 0% 1532k
<eadler> 107/150 packets received (71.3%) 66.844 min / 761.791 avg /
2770.682 max
<eadler> something seems ... odd
<@adrian_> It happens
<@adrian_> iwn needs a lot more inspection tools
<@adrian_> did it log any reasons in dmesg when it was failing entirely?
<eadler> no, I checked
<eadler> just "state changed to DOWN"
<@adrian_> right
<@adrian_> blacklitsing only happens if it tries transmitting and/or
authenticating and it fails
<@adrian_> that's the kind of inspection that's required
<@adrian_> i cna't help out more than that, sorry. Best ot email the
list so I can braindump ideas when i have a moment

Eitan Adler
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