You are definetaly in 11n mode, because it reports 11ng and this part "11g ht/20" means that it is listening on 11n channel. But I can't help you about the speed, which is indeed weird. I think Adrian is better suited to answer that question.

On 2013.12.31 12:32, Gustau Pérez wrote:
On 30/12/2013 22:27, Adrian Chadd wrote:

Please try 6:ht/20. It may be having issues with interference..


    tried with 6:ht/20 but performance is horrible. The machine running
hostapd reports this (still says 11g,
wouldn't it report 11n?). In the client I see this:

    Running iperf between them reports about 6Mbit/s (which is quite low).

    Am I missing something?




On 30 December 2013 12:38, Gustau Pérez <> wrote:

   I've tried to run hostapd with an Atheros 5416 with 11n support (added
ATH_ENABLE_11N to my kernel config). I configured the AP with 6:ht/40 (I
guess the band width doesn't matter).

   All the 11n enabled clients (two nexus4 and an ipad3) I have but my
laptop are able to associate with the hostapd in 11n mode. The laptop
has an Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205.

   The AP runs HEAD/r257872 (Nov 8) and the client runs HEAD/r258760 (Nov
30), but updating the AP did not solve anything.

   Will updating to current head in the client solve the issue? The only
solution I've been able to use so far is forcing g mode in the AP. Doing
that allows the 6205 client to associate with the AP.



    Salut i força,


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