I was told that 802.11n code for atheros wifi cards was committed to FreeBSD 10.0.

I am currently running a machine with FreeBSD 10.0-RC4 and the following wifi card

    vendor     = 'Atheros Communications Inc.'
    device     = 'AR9287 Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express)'
    class      = network

I loaded the following modules at boot time by placing the following in /boot/loader.conf


When typing ifconfig -v wlan0 list channel I only get

Channel   6 : 2437      MHz 11g ht/40+

and the like but no 11n

my /etc/rc.conf looks like this

    create_args_wlan0="wlanmode hostap"
    ifconfig_wlan0="ssid myssid mode 11n up WPA"...

ifconfig shows me that the systems is running 802.11g only

inet6 fe80::12fe:edff:fe75:3c2b%wlan0 prefixlen 64 tentative scopeid 0x5
    media: IEEE 802.11 Wireless Ethernet autoselect mode 11ng <hostap>
    status: running
    ssid myssid channel 4 (2427 MHz 11g ht/40+) bssid 10:fe:ed:75:3c:2b
    regdomain 32924 country CN indoor ecm authmode WPA2/802.11i

What am I doing wrong or was 802.11n not committed to FreeBSD 10 ?

Many thanks!


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