>  Now my router/AP lives on very old (~7 months!) -CURRENT, because Adrian
> did great job on wifi, but only in -CURRENT.

>  What is plans now, when 10 is released? Will fixes in Wifi backported to 10
> on regular basis or should I migrate to new -CURRENT?
// Black Lion AKA Lev Serebryakov <l...@freebsd.org>

It's a logical guess that something in -CURRENT 7 months ago would be in 10, 
since -CURRENT was then part of releng-10.

But fixes may go to 11-HEAD without being backported to 10.

I have both source trees (10-STABLE and 11-HEAD) but don't know what to look 
for since you didn't specify the exact hardware item or driver.

That clues me: maybe I should favor 11-HEAD over 10-STABLE to get the first 
updates to re(4) and rsu(4)?  But I've been building both, and for both amd64 
and i386.


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