ok, so stuck beacon means a lot of things. It at the top end means "I
couldn't transmit this beacon", and it could be for a variety of

* the DMA engine hung;
* the RX_BUSY or RX_CLEAR or TX_BUSY lines inside the chip are stuck;
* the baseband has hung for some reason;
* the DMA timing wasn't met and the frame didn't go out in time;
* the PHY is calibrated incorrectly;
* there's noise everywhere.

So if it were me, I'd start by trying to make the athsurvey API work
for the AR9300 HAL, so you could run 'athsurvey' whilst it was live
and see what the story is. The MIB counters are a good starting point
to see what the MAC thinks is going on. Eg, if RX_CLEAR is low (ie,
the air is 'busy' according to the PHY.) I'd also enable NF
calibration debugging to see what the noise floor and calibrated noise
floor values are. If the differences between chains is more than 3dB
then there's something wrong in the PHY that needs to be addressed.

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