On Tue, 4 Feb 2014, Waitman Gobble wrote:

On 2/4/2014 4:55 PM, Colin Percival wrote:
On 02/04/14 16:01, Waitman Gobble wrote:
Ralink is a good choice esp. for USB. You might have trouble using other
supported chipsets which are connected to the USB port.

Also note that the wireless card in the laptop can be replaced for about ten bucks. It's typically the easiest thing to replace in a laptop. If you decide to
swap out your wifi card I'd recommend Atheros.

I considered that, but I've heard rumours about laptop BIOSes blacklisting
wifi cards from other manufacturers, so I figured a USB device was an easier

That's a potential issue. I've only seen that happen with HP laptops, but you should research before spending the ten bucks.

Lenovo does it too. So far, I have not encountered an Acer or Dell with the problem. Recent Toshiba models are made by Acer, but I can't recall changing the wireless card in one.

Dell often uses Broadcom cards. It would be nice if the new Broadcom partipation in FreeBSD would extend to improving their wireless drivers.
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