Hello Kevin,

I'm trying to get ASUS USB-N66 USB wifi adapter working with FreeBSD
11.0-CURRENT #0 r261642 amd64.
I plug the adapter and it seems to be recognized:

run0: <1.0> on usbus1
run0: MAC/BBP RT3593 (rev 0x0402), RF RT3053 (MIMO 3T3R), address
run0: 11a rates: 6Mbps 9Mbps 12Mbps 18Mbps 24Mbps 36Mbps 48Mbps 54Mbps
run0: 11b rates: 1Mbps 2Mbps 5.5Mbps 11Mbps
run0: 11g rates: 1Mbps 2Mbps 5.5Mbps 11Mbps 6Mbps 9Mbps 12Mbps 18Mbps
24Mbps 36Mbps 48Mbps 54Mbps

I can create the wlan device:

# ifconfig wlan0
wlan0: flags=8802<BROADCAST,SIMPLEX,MULTICAST> metric 0 mtu 1500
        ether 30:85:a9:f4:52:bd
        media: IEEE 802.11 Wireless Ethernet autoselect (autoselect)
        status: no carrier
        ssid "" channel 1 (2412 MHz 11b)
        country US authmode OPEN privacy OFF txpower 0 bmiss 7 scanvalid 60
        wme bintval 0

# ifconfig wlan0 list caps

But got an error when interface is up:

# ifconfig wlan0 up scan
wlan0: bpf attached
wlan0: bpf attached
wlan0: Ethernet address: 30:85:a9:f4:52:bd
firmware: 'runfw' version 1: 8192 bytes loaded at 0xffffffff81c2d0a8
run0: could not load 8051 microcode

# usbconfig -d ugen1.3 dump_device_desc
ugen1.3: <802.11 n WLAN Ralink> at usbus1, cfg=0 md=HOST spd=HIGH (480Mbps)
pwr=ON (450mA)

  bLength = 0x0012
  bDescriptorType = 0x0001
  bcdUSB = 0x0200
  bDeviceClass = 0x0000
  bDeviceSubClass = 0x0000
  bDeviceProtocol = 0x0000
  bMaxPacketSize0 = 0x0040
  idVendor = 0x0b05
  idProduct = 0x17ad
  bcdDevice = 0x0101
  iManufacturer = 0x0001  <Ralink>
  iProduct = 0x0002  <802.11 n WLAN>
  iSerialNumber = 0x0003  <1.0>
  bNumConfigurations = 0x0001

# kldstat
Id Refs Address            Size     Name
 1   12 0xffffffff80200000 196df88  kernel
 2    1 0xffffffff81c12000 17db4    if_run.ko
 3    1 0xffffffff81c2a000 2a45     uhid.ko
 4    1 0xffffffff81c2d000 26ea     runfw.ko

Kernel config: GENERIC.

I plug in the same adapter to a laptop with Windows 7, it successfully
shows the nearby access points and allows me to connect to one, so the
adapter is not broken. Any ideas for further troubleshooting are welcome.

Thank you!

Alex Deiter
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