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Adrian Chadd writes:
> Hm. If the noise values start fluctuating wildly before it starts
> missing beacons, this could tell me that the receiver is getting
> confused.
> I should finish the "retune by doing a single channel scan" hack that
> iwlwifi does; maybe it'll help quieten things down a bit.
> Thanks,
> -a


Some of the problem may be due to AP close by on the same channel and
nearly the same signal strength, many with same SSID.  On the first
drop there were 30 AP on channel 6 (the channel being used) all at 54M
and 6 with SSID "ietf".  Its definitely a demanding environment.

btw- I can't get you any more data in super busy air until next IETF
in July.  I'd be willing to work more closely with you to collect any
data that you need if that helps.

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